Geeks are better lovers?

According to Regina Lynn’s article, Geeks are better lovers. Being a bit of a sound and mac geek myself and spending a lot of time with them this article springs a lot of truth.

1. Geeks build it so you will come

2. Geeks get personal with tech

3. Geeks dig consensual role playing

4. Geeks interact

5. Geeks get things done

6. Geeks are hot

7. Geeks don’t shock easily

8. Geeks know kinky people

9. Geeks understand multi-dimensional relationships

10. Geeks aren’t threatened by new tech or “the future of sex”

To look at the full article click here.

Check out Fabulous Geek for more Geeky-liking stuff.

Some hot geeks:

Adam Brody.

Adam Brody1

David Tennant.

David Tennant1

Michael Cera.

Michael Cera1


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I would like a miniature short-haired Dachshund.


and a Border Collie.

border collie1

Decided. Who wants to buy me them?


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Honda Civic.

I love the Honda Civic in fact I once dry humped one. I can’t wait to finish Uni and learn to drive just so I can have one of my very own.

Honda Civic

Prices from £14,270. (See local Honda dealer.)


Also watch the

Honda Civic Ad.

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Talking about Le Creuset in a recent post pushed me to explore for cheaper options, however whilst shopping for a present for my friends mum last week found that TK MAXX had the Le Creuset range for a fraction of the price! I couldn’t believe my luck. Unfortunately my Uni loan hasn’t lasted  long enough this term so will have to wait until after Easter to purchase some Le Creuset goodness!

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Make up product of the week.

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat
Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat1

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Cool Images.

I love this photo taken from Kill Bill 2.

Kill Bill2

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Ian Somerhalder.

Boone from lost. Why oh why did they kill him off so early? He’s pure beautiful.

ian somerhalder1

ian somerhalder2

ian somerhalder3


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