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Dirty Talk.

According to “How to dirty talk” on, there are eight points to consider while taking the plunge to talk dirty.

1. Be authentic in your dirty talk. – Your not exactly going to say something you don’t do are you?

2. Find your dirty talk voice. – Flirty not scary.

3. Expand your dirty talk vocabulary.  – Cock, fuck, pussy.. not expand choose crude.

4. Practice dirty talk when you’re alone. – don’t be silly, your mum will think your insane.

5. Establish ground rules with your partner. – How does that work?

6. Start slow the first time. – Don’t talk slow just don’t be too graphic the first time.

7. Experiment with your voice. – Isn’t this number 2?

8. Make dirty talking a two way conversation. – Well you’d look like an idiot if it was just you.

All in all a very silly article and what have we learn’t? Nothing really. They don’t even have decent examples. If anyone know’s any good websites on the subject…


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Geeks are better lovers?

According to Regina Lynn’s article, Geeks are better lovers. Being a bit of a sound and mac geek myself and spending a lot of time with them this article springs a lot of truth.

1. Geeks build it so you will come

2. Geeks get personal with tech

3. Geeks dig consensual role playing

4. Geeks interact

5. Geeks get things done

6. Geeks are hot

7. Geeks don’t shock easily

8. Geeks know kinky people

9. Geeks understand multi-dimensional relationships

10. Geeks aren’t threatened by new tech or “the future of sex”

To look at the full article click here.

Check out Fabulous Geek for more Geeky-liking stuff.

Some hot geeks:

Adam Brody.

Adam Brody1

David Tennant.

David Tennant1

Michael Cera.

Michael Cera1

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