Dirty Talk.

According to “How to dirty talk” on about.com, there are eight points to consider while taking the plunge to talk dirty.

1. Be authentic in your dirty talk. – Your not exactly going to say something you don’t do are you?

2. Find your dirty talk voice. – Flirty not scary.

3. Expand your dirty talk vocabulary.  – Cock, fuck, pussy.. not expand choose crude.

4. Practice dirty talk when you’re alone. – don’t be silly, your mum will think your insane.

5. Establish ground rules with your partner. – How does that work?

6. Start slow the first time. – Don’t talk slow just don’t be too graphic the first time.

7. Experiment with your voice. – Isn’t this number 2?

8. Make dirty talking a two way conversation. – Well you’d look like an idiot if it was just you.

All in all a very silly article and what have we learn’t? Nothing really. They don’t even have decent examples. If anyone know’s any good websites on the subject…


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