I would like a miniature short-haired Dachshund.


and a Border Collie.

border collie1

Decided. Who wants to buy me them?



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8 responses to “Dogs.


    Wow, that’s cool. Border Collies are amazingly cute dogs. They’d pwn at RuneScape. RuneScape FTW!

  2. Alpaca Luvr

    Awww…cute! I love daschunds!!! (and border collies as well!) I saw one today, and it had long, hairy ears. It was so adorable! 😛

  3. thouse are the cuttiest pics. ever i have a borber collie cross australian sheperd! :):):):):););););)

  4. Fred

    That’s long hair!

  5. abrileu

    Border Collie !!

  6. Livvsky

    Personally, I prefere Cats, but I have to admit that those Dogs are really cute, especially the Border Collie.

  7. I love daschunds! Their my favorite dogs. P.S my websites not finished.

  8. Mrs McDowells Lisa

    i have puppies for adoption they are very all akc registerd,vet checked and are current on all shots.They are very fiendly to kids,and are also very social with all other home trained dogs. if intrested in any of my puppies,kindly email me at-

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