Philip Glenister.

Philip Glenister is currently my guilty crush. How can you not fall for the sexy Gene Hunt?


You can catch him in Ashes to Ashes on BBC 1 on Thursdays at 9pm. Don’t miss it!

Is also shown on BBC iPlayer if your out on Thursdays or not from England.

The first and second series Life on Mars is available from Amazon.(£38.97)

For the time being check out his website or oogle of these lush photo’s below.





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3 responses to “Philip Glenister.

  1. Catherine

    You ask, “How can you not fall for the sexy Gene Hunt?” To which I’d reply: How can you not fall for the thoroughly decent Mr. Carter? Yes, I’ve just watched “Cranford” for the second time (Thank you, DVD technology) , and it’s turned me into a Philip Glenister fan.

    There’s no “Life on Mars” or “Ashes to Ashes” DVD in my area, but Netflix carries a few other Philip Glenister titles, and I’m working my way through those.

  2. Mommyaulait

    Okay this might upset some people but here goes. I think he would make a FANTASTIC older replacement for David Tennant as Dr. Who. You might immediately say “NO” just think about it a bit. He would stand alone and give a completely different take on the Dr. In the end just my opinion. Regardless, love this guy.

  3. April O'Hara

    I must say he is also my current guilty crush! I’m
    constantly looking for programs or films with him. I agree he was wonderful in Cranford, and I think the BBC (or someone) needs to give this guy a romantic role, maybe even a romantic comedy.
    We just got Ashes to Ashes here in the U.S. so I have every saturday night booked!

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