Françoise Hardy.

One of my favorite style Icons ever. I’m currently growing my hair like her at the moment and sporting a lovely fringe.
Check her out Françoise Hardy

Françoise Hardy Bird

Françoise being a musician looking slightly like Cat Dealey here.

Françoise Hardy Glasses

I love this glasses and trench coat combo.

Françoise Hardy Dress

This dress is fabulous.

Françoise Hardy Guitar

Françoise with gorgeous makeup and hair, this is going to be my look by the summer when my hair has grown.



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4 responses to “Françoise Hardy.

  1. anne-marie Hernandez

    she is timeless

  2. You are very beautiful, I love u. Thank You

  3. Jenny

    Yea, she is really timeless 🙂

  4. Maddalo

    You GO with it Edie! The look de Franciose is timeless, and oh so tres belle! Best of luck,

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