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Dalek Chocolate Cake.



  • Two 8 inch chocolate sandwich cakes (recipe here)
  • Two Chocolate swiss rolls
  • McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes
  • At least 400g of milk chocolate. (buy more, you can never have too much chocolate)
  • 100g bar of plain chocolate
  • 100g bar of white chocolate (you won’t need the full 100g, but hey..)
  • Cadbury Flake*
  • Cadbury Chocolate Fingers*
  • Cadbury chocolate buttons*
  • Smarties*
  • Large box Maltesers


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Edie’s Back!

That’s right folks, now finished her degree she can once again provide you with some fun reading time.

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An apology.

Just to say I am still writing this blog, I’m just uber busy finishing my degree and will return to writing some more posts at the end of next month so keep checking back Edie fans.

Sorry again.

Edie x

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Dirty Talk.

According to “How to dirty talk” on about.com, there are eight points to consider while taking the plunge to talk dirty.

1. Be authentic in your dirty talk. – Your not exactly going to say something you don’t do are you?

2. Find your dirty talk voice. – Flirty not scary.

3. Expand your dirty talk vocabulary.  – Cock, fuck, pussy.. not expand choose crude.

4. Practice dirty talk when you’re alone. – don’t be silly, your mum will think your insane.

5. Establish ground rules with your partner. – How does that work?

6. Start slow the first time. – Don’t talk slow just don’t be too graphic the first time.

7. Experiment with your voice. – Isn’t this number 2?

8. Make dirty talking a two way conversation. – Well you’d look like an idiot if it was just you.

All in all a very silly article and what have we learn’t? Nothing really. They don’t even have decent examples. If anyone know’s any good websites on the subject…

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What to take on holiday plan.

As I have been invited to go on holiday at the beginning of June I need to organize what I’m taking now as finishing my degree is going to be taking up most of my time.

Day time:

bikini’s x 2


Sun cream

Sun dress

Sun glasses


Flip flops (Birkenstocks)


3 denim skirts (different colours)

2 dresses (already got)

2 new dresses

6 tops



new bag

a jumper

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Wide Leg Trousers.

Trousers luckily are still big at the moment as I don’t like getting my white pins out when it isn’t sunny yet, Here are some I’ve found:

Mary-Kate Olsen


ASOS £30


Warehouse £40


Dorothy Perkins £25


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